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I. Assembled and welded by profile steel accessories, the material has tiny and dense interior crystal grains, ensuring wheel strength and rigidity.
II. It adopts plug-in lap joint port form, ensuring coaxiality and welding quality of pieces.
III. It uses Lincoln welding equipment, ensuring sufficient penetration and strong weld penetration of welding parts; Lincoln solder wire and welding flux ensure weld joint strength and good appearance.
IV. It adopts complete shot blasting after welding, eliminating scale on the surface and welding inner stress and ensuring wheel quality.
V. Electrophoretic primer and surface spray paint make the wheel have beautiful appearance, durable corrosion resistance and long service life.

Structure Comparison
Structure of Zhejiang Hongyuan:Seat ring made of integral rolled profile steel has large density and high strength, weld joint adopts plug-in lap joint, and the coaxiality of welding assembly is assured.
Structure of Other Manufacturers: Seat ring is assembled and welded by splicing, and weld joint adopts butt joint.