Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

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Corporate culture is the accumulation of spiritual wealth as well as the driving force of the enterprise
Mission: Become the loyal partner of global customers/cooperative alliance in the industry/public brand image
Values: Create value for customers, assume social responsibilities, staff realizes the value
Spirit: Hard Work, Struggle, Unity, Progress
Strategic Objective: Professional, Branding, International, Cultural
Team Spirit: Sincere Communication, Equality, Trust, Share both Prosperity and Adversity, Brilliance
Management Concept: People Orientation, Innovation, Assign Work to Everyone, Everything is under the Charge of Someone
Employment Concept: Selection by Virtue, Employment by Ability, Cultivation by Aptitude, Retention by Affection
Style: Do everything well, be significant everyday
Business Philosophy: Credit, Reciprocity
Market Concept: Market Orientation, Serve Customers, Customer Satisfaction
Product Concept: Explore Customer Demands, Create Product Features, Excellent Quality
Service Concept: Satisfy and Move Customers
Moral Standards: Professional Dedication, Constant Improvement
Professional Standards: Standard, Precise, Harmonious, Interactive, Safe, High Quality, Efficient, Energy-saving
Code of Conduct: Loyal, Responsible
Work Standard: Subjectivity rather than objectivity, oneself rather than others, effect rather than feelings

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